RJS Winemaking Academy Designation

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We are proud to be designated as one of only 66 RJS Craft Winemaking Academy specialists in Ontario: The RJS Craft Winemaking Academy is a community of Canada’s leading craft winemaking retailers who represent the best and most passionate winemakers in the industry.

The RJS Academy collectively aims to build a sustainable and quality craft winemaking industry through standards and consistency. They provide customers the ultimate retail and on premise winemaking experience.

 Academy members are chosen by RJS Craft Winemaking and are committed to providing the ultimate craft winemaking experience to every customer who chooses to make wine in their facility.


Luscious Wines was chosen because we exemplify consistently high standards for both the quality of our winemaking products and the level of service we offer.

When you make wine with an RJS Craft Winemaking Academy store you can expect: 

  • Exclusive wine kits only available at Academy stores.

  • Early access to limited release wine kits.

  • Extensive knowledge of wine varietals and wine styles.

  • Winemaking expertise to help educate and guide winemakers.

  • Reassurance that the winemaking premises are well maintained to the highest level of sanitation.

  • Friendly and efficient service at each stage of the winemaking process.


It takes a lot of good beer to make great wine
— Brian O’Donnell, Winemaker of Belle Pente, 2013