‘Tis the Season is coming…..do you have enough wine???


September & October are traditionally the harvest months in the northern hemisphere.  Also traditionally, October is our busiest month, since most wine drinkers are planning to have some “extra” wine available for the upcoming Christmas and Holiday Season.  Whether party planning, planning for those “drop-in” guests, or preparing for gift-giving, crafting your own wine with custom labels makes pre-planning almost a no-brainer.  With a minimum of 1 month under the cork for white wines, and 3 months under the cork for red wines, now is a great time to get yours started.  If you require assistance with your selection, or already know what variety or style of wine you would like craft for yourself, our knowledgeable Staff are very helpful, and you can start your Festive vintage in as little as 7 minutes. We have over 90 selections of 4, 5, 6 and 8 week kits available for you to choose from.  Along with all of those choices, we also have a large selection of Fruit Wine Kits, Ice-Style Wine Kits, and Dessert Style Kits.  Some of these choices are available only for the Holidays, and are released in stores only at this time of year, like CranApple Celebration and 5 Dessert Wine (Port-Style) Kits.   These specialty kits are usually sweet, and have some very exotic flavours.  We stock de-luscious flavours such as Vanilla Fig, Raspberry Mocha, Coffee, Black Forest and Toasted Caramel. It will make a ½ batch, or 30 x 375ml bottles of deliciousness.  You may ask yourself “What am I going to do with 30 bottles of sweet wine?”  The answer is:  craft 5 great bottles for you, and then have 25 great gift bottles with customized labels for friends and family.  Our Dessert Wine flavours are NOT available from the LCBO, so you can truly craft some spectacular, unique gifts.

If you already craft your own wine, or would like to get started, we have several of our 4-Week, 5-Week and 6-Week and 8-Week Kits on Special Promotion for September and October.  All of these selections will be ready in time to share with family and friends, although why wait?  The sooner we get started, the sooner you get your cellar stocked!  If you are having trouble with the idea of 30 bottles, get together with family members, split some batches, and stock everybody’s cellars!  Ask a co-worker or two (because they already know that you are wine lover!), and they can be too!  Planning a “12 Houses of Christmas Crawl”?   Get together with neighbours (you know who you are!) and plan the perfect combination of crafted wines to serve with each course!  Anyway, crafting your own wine is fun!  Sharing your wines with friends, relatives and neighbours is easier than ever!

Custom labels can also be fun to dream up and then share with others.  With over 40 label varieties in stock at all times, the challenge is yours to think up a name or theme, and then when you come in to bottle your luscious wines, we’ll design them before your eyes on our state-of-the-art label program, et viola, 30 seconds later, your labels are done!  Simply choose a matching shrink cap, and your finished product is ready to store and share with your loved ones.  Simple.


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