To someone who has never made wine, making craft wine at home or at a licensed facility like ours may seem like a task to leave to the professionals.  But with such a wide variety of wine kits available, it is quite simple to get started, and there are many reasons to make your own wine.  Here are just a few….

1. Making your own wine is fun.  It’s easy to get started and simple to do – just follow the step-by-step instructions that come with your kit, or simply drop into our winery.  Whether you are making wine alone or with a group of partners in crime, there is no better way to spend a relaxing, agenda-free hour.  Once you are used to making wine, you can get it started in less than 10 minutes!

2. Crafting your own wine will save you money, and you will know exactly what goes into it.  Do you like oak in your reds?  Do you hate oak?  Should your wine be sweet or dry?  When you make your own, you get to craft it in the style(s) you want.  While it is possible to pick up some pretty inexpensive bottles (~$10) of wine these days, if you compare the wine you make from a kit (from $3-$7) to a bottle of similar quality commercial wine, it turns out the craft wine is a real bargain, plus you get the satisfaction of having made something yourself – and that is priceless!

3. Making wine is convenient.  Don’t you hate it when the liquor store is out of your favourite wine, or that it is closed or even worse, so far away?  That never happens to craft winemakers.  Sound too good to be true?  We assure you, there is a craft wine kit available for almost every grape variety and every wine region in the world.  Don’t believe us?  See for yourself. 

4. Homemade wine makes great gifts.  It makes a great hostess gift, a “thanks for being a great teacher” gift, a house-warming present, a “thanks for shovelling the driveway” present….  Don’t know what to get your hard-to-shop-for father in law?  A bottle or two of craft wine will surely win him over.  Custom labels and shrink caps are available (for about 20¢ per bottle) to finish off your crafted wine, and the possibilities for these is only limited to your imagination!

5.  Crafting your own wine will amaze your friends - especially those who don’t make wine themselves.  The fact that you make your own wine sounds sophisticated and impressive, and you’ll feel proud that you picked up a new hobby, learned a new skill, and came out on the other side with something you and your friends can all enjoy together.

6. With your own craft wine, you’ll be prepared for a global crisis.  No matter what may come your way, you’ll always have bottles of wine stockpiled away in your cellar (or basement).  Just don’t be surprised when your friends and neighbours come knocking on your door the next time the power is out!

7. Most importantly, with a cellar full of craft wine, you will have an excuse to throw a party!  Everyone will be impressed that you were able to make wine that tastes so good and even better, you will get to enjoy your wine in good company.  Isn’t that the reason we drink wine in the first place?  So what are you waiting for?  Go get a kit and start that first batch now!!