Transitional Whites

It’s that time of year where the days grow shorter, we break out our light jackets and warmer sweaters, and as the hottest days of summer start to slip away. We find ourselves sipping on fuller more elegant white wines and crave less the effervescence of our spring citrus and acidic varietals. With fall right around the corner, its time for a taste of transitional whites.

 We believe you should take every last opportunity to sit outside and enjoy the last moments of warm weather, sipping your Late Summer Whites and pondering what batch of excellence you’ll craft next! Choose to sip whites with fuller body, oaky, and buttery taste as they provide stronger character to coincide with the weather change. Even a degree or two warmer is likely to release more flavor to the nose and the pallet.

 Here are our top transitional late summer White picks:

Cru Select Australia Chardonnay – Golden-hued with flavours of vanilla and cloves, this buttery varietal pairs with Lobster & pasta in a cream sauce

 Cru Select German Style Riesling Traminer – provides just the right amount of crispness, spice, mouth feel and umami for the cooler nights. Pairs well with Smoked trout or a spice Asian dish.

 Cru Select Argentina Style Trio – This lush combination of Viognier, Riesling and Chardonnay is a modern and medium bodied mix of florals, ripe fruits and minerals. Works wonderfully with your late summer veggies grilled to perfection on the bbq.