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 Luscious Wines Fruit of the Vine

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Mivino (pronounced “meeveeno”) Kits are available exclusively at Luscious Wines to craft winemakers in London and surrounding areas.  This exciting wine collection marks the re-introduction of the 15 Bottle “half batch” format with a twist!  These kits allow you to craft single varietal wines or create your own blend by combining two or more kits for a special craft wine that is uniquely yours! 


The goal when blending wines is to combine the unique flavour profiles of different grape

varieties to produce a more complex wine that delivers the flavour and aroma characteristics you love.

Enjoy the satisfaction that comes from making a wine that suits your taste. You’ll be

proud to share it with friends and family, or simply sip a glass after a long day.


By crafting two different varietals, you can get 3 different unique wines!  Make it your own, ask us how.  With 8 different varietals to choose from, what you craft is up to you!

Each kit contains 5.8 litres that produce 11.5 litres or 15 bottles of finished wine. The red varietals include 125 gm of GenuWine™ grapes to enhance the body, flavour and colour of the wine.


White varieties:

Australia Chardonnay Style

Chile Sauvignon Blanc Style

Germany Riesling Style

Italy Pinot Grigio Style


Red varieties:

Australia Shiraz Style

California Cabernet Sauvignon Style

Chile Malbec Style

Chile Merlot Style

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