The New Restricted Quantities 2016 Program is Available NOW

We have a very exciting program this year. These exceptional wine kits are only available through advance pre-order. If you are interested or for all the details please call the store



December Release:Tjungu from Australia means “meeting or coming together” and is rooted in local Anangu culture. The festival is a celebration and tribute to Australia’s Indigenous people

showcasing everything from music and art to food and drink.

Inspired by Tjungu, this wine is a blend of three grapes that come together to contribute their own unique characteristics.

Deep in colour, it exudes aromas of berry with a hint of toasty oak and cedar,

complemented by flavours of black fruit.

M | F | D (medium oak, full bodied, dry)


January Release: Carrusel in Mendoza, Argentina is a grand parade of The Grape Harvest Celebration,

inspired by the city’s esteem for winemaking. Queens and princesses from every district

hand out gifts of grapes hoping to win favour and become the Grape Harvest Queen.

This wine, reflecting the elegance and finesse of the Mendoza Grape Harvest Queen, is graced with aromas of tropical fruit. Soft and round on the palate, it is a blend that features a rich and creamy mouth feel.

L | M | D (light oak, medium bodied, dry)


February Release: In Haro, Spain, La Batalla takes place atop a hillside where wine connoisseurs gather

to take part in the world’s largest wine fight. Wearing mostly white, participants drench

each other in wine until they are a saturated sea of joyful pink people.

This ruby-coloured blend reflects the brightly coloured red wines enjoyed throughout this cheerful festival. Rich on the nose and palate, it boldly displays black currant, raspberry, sweet spices and dried fruit.

L | M | D (light oak, medium bodied, dry)


March Release: Carnevale takes place in Venice, a city well known for its history, romance and

tradition. Its vibrant culture comes to life during this auspicious festival celebrating

indulgence in food, drink, fashion, and of course, masquerade.

This light white blend featuring Italy’s celebrated grape – Pinot Grigio – reflects

an Italian tradition in wine. Clear and light in colour, it is enriched with aromas of

melon and citrus with a soft minerality on the palate.

U | L | D (unoaked, light, dry)